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What We Do:

In short we are a small, family run business supplying computer maintenance and repairs services as well as many other related services. Click here for more details on what we can offer.

How We Operate:

We are a mobile PC service local to East Kent, based close to Ashford. As a partnership we often work together which means you get two heads for the price of one!


About Us


Stewart has been involved with computers since getting his ZX81 whilst at school, he studied for a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at High Wycombe and Woolwich.

Samantha has also been involved with computers from an early age; she has an MSci in Astrophysics and Maths from Keele University.


 Services Offered




We offer a number of PC, Laptop & Games consoles repair & maintainance, tablet and smartphone setups and tuition services. Click the links below to see more detail.


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Smoking is bad for your PC! Click below for  more pictures.